Yacon Syrup Secret Review


My today’s review on the new entry in the weight loss market – Yacon Syrup Secret. The gist of this piece is that this works and is worth recommending. However, I will further detail my experience along with my friend’s who also benefited from it in terms of weight loss.

More On The Product!

It is natural (dietary) supplement that promises to trigger weight loss without dietary or exercise efforts. It further claims that it can be used almost everywhere and anywhere by anyone without any required medical prescription. It states since it is completely natural and has tested ingredients, it is safe for consumption.

Yacon Syrup Secret Ingredients

Yacon formulates the primary part of it. Yacon roots are derived from the plant which is native to Andes.

How Does Yacon Syrup Secret Work?

  1. Yacon is rich in pro-biotic bacteria like of bifidus and lactobacillus bacteria and also contains healthy amounts of inulin, fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics)
  2. It’s probiotic and prebiotic content helps in breakage of food well
  3. Through better food absorption, it also keeps cholesterol at bay
  4. It not only ensures better digestion and healthy body but also limits hunger cravings to further prevent weight gain
  5. By  raising metabolism, it increases body’s ability to burn weight

Results To Expect!

  1. Enhances bowel cycle
  2. Relief from bowel problems
  3. Low hunger cravings
  4. Healthy energy levels
  5. Improved weight loss (in case of dietary/exercise regime)

Without any diet or exercise plan, it claims to make one lose weight.

Time Frame For Results!

The period of 3-4 weeks is normal (before any results occur in terms of weight loss) but the results vary individual to individual.

My Experience!

I used this syrup for 6 weeks on a friend’s advice. Although, I was a little apprehensive but my hunger cravings and lethargy levels came down immensely while using it, so I continued the dosage. As of yesterday, I am short by 12lbs.

My friend, Sherry, who’s been exercising and dieting for a long time started using it (on her advice, I began). She managed to lose 17lbs just in a month with dietary regime and supplementation without any side effects!


  1. Proven natural ingredients
  2. Suggested by experts
  3. Double purpose supplement (bowel cleansing and weight loss)
  4. Fast and easy results
  5. Supervised and certified manufacturing lab
  6. Zero Side effects

Side Effects?

As such there are none, simply use this as directed and you will be amazed with the results.

Where To Buy?

Orders for Yacon Syrup can be placed on its official website like this: http://yaconsyrup-reviews.org. Get your free pack now.