Php 1000 Budget: Overnight in Bataan

It has been a while since I ventured out to the world – that is my playground, that when Josiah of Lakas ng Trip asked me via Facebook to go on a trip to Bataan, I didn’t think twice. I agreed at once!

The only twist was that, we had to spend the trip of 2 days with only Php 1,000.00 budget! Don’t get me wrong, the budget was a challenge but the thing is, trips to Bataan usually involve more than the amount we had set, or so I’ve read. So, how did we do it?

Balanga Church, Balanga, Bataan
Mt. Samat, Pilar, Bataan
Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor)
Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower
00 Kilometer Death March Marker
Stella Mariz Resort, Bagac, Bataan
Pawikan Conservation Area, Bagac, Bataan (A project of Montemar Beach Club)

Here are the detailed logs of our exact expenses for the entire trip. To be honest, I’m quite impressed by how disciplined we were in sticking to our budget. Hooray!

Php 200.00 Bus fare from Five Star Terminal, Cubao to Balanga Terminal, Bataan

Php 45.00 Breakfast meal at Balanga, Bataan (Eatery is located a bit further down behind the Balanga Terminal. They serve spicy sinigang, which is their best-seller!)

Php 17.00 Jeepney fare from Balanga terminal to Diwa, Bataan (Our stop towards Mt. Samat)

Php —- Halfway up Mt. Samat, we hitched a ride. Thanks to the ladies who were kind enough to stop and let us aboard their van.

Php —- Entrance Fee is originally Php 20.00 for the Shrine. But the ladies covered our fees. Thank you very much!

Php 10.00 Elevator Fee up the Shrine of Valor.

Php —- As we leave the Shrine and begin our walk down Mt. Samat, a van owned by a family beeped at us and stopped ahead. We were thrilled and thankful to realize that we were going down the mountain the easy way!

Php 25.00 Bus fare from Diwa to Bagac. This is the part where you can take a nap and get refreshed for more activities ahead in the day. Make sure before you take a nap, ask the driver to drop you off at Bagac.

Php 10.00 Kakanin at Bagac. This was more like a merienda since we ate at the foot of the cross (Shrine) earlier. We had a short chit-chat with the owner of the house/carinderia while the TV was showing Pacquiao’s historical defeat.

Php 45.00 Yes. Bottled water. It was a decision I had to agree with as the supply of water we had were running out and we still had the afternoon, entire evening and next day trip to look forward to. What happened to the bottled water?

Php 70.00 Tricycle fare from Bagac to Stella Mariz. We stopped by first at the Deathmarch 00 KM Marker and then the Japan-Philippine Friendship Tower after. I had to give extra to the driver since he was genuinely giving a great service.

Php 70.00 Stella Mariz Beach Resort Entrance and Camping Fee.

Php 8.00 3-in-1 Coffee
Php 15.00 Toiletries
We camped nearby a sari-sari store of Stella Mariz since we had to choose where there is an available night lamp. And of course, the thought of convenience just in case an emergency happens in the middle of the night. Safety first.

Php —- Free ride going to the National Road to the Pawikan Conservation Center in Bagac, Bataan. This is the third hitchhike of the entire trip. We were pretty spoiled for backpackers!

Php 50.00 Tricycle fare from Montemar Beach Resort to Bagac Terminal

Php 35.00 Jeepney fare from Bagac to Balanga

Php 55.00 Lunch at Balanga, Bataan. We dropped by the same eatery before heading to the Bus terminal. We had daing na bangus (fried milkfish), rice, softdrink and broth of spicy sinigang for our last

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Bataan guilt-free meal.

Php 200.00 Bus fare from Balanga to Cubao

Php 820.00 TOTAL EXPENSES for Josiah. As I’m a girl, I had to add in several pesos for the toiletries and whatnot.

So for my total expenses: Php 855.00

Mission accomplished? Yes!

Tip #1. If you are not keen in walking up Mt. Samat or hitching for a ride on your way up and down the mountain, you can hire a tricycle for a fee of Php 100.00. You need to pay Php 100.00 per head (assuming you are traveling with a buddy or partner) one way.

Tip #2. Make sure to bring lots of water, food and energy bars. :)

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  1. Biglang nagflashback yung trip natin. Ang saya balikan! And yes, it was really challenging to stick to the budget. Buti nalang maraming blessings on the road. :)

  2. Hi Maui! I just want to ask if camping at the beach seemed safe? Planning to do that with my kid and another female friend sana. Also, is grilling or bonfire making allowed? Thanks!

    • Hi Chrystal! Yep, it’s safe overall since where we camped is inside the resort itself. There was also a small sari-sari nearby though nobody stays at the store during the night, if I remember correctly. Hope you guys have fun! :)

  3. jm

    hi, whats the exact address of stella mariz resorts?

    • Hi JM. Thanks for dropping by. Here is a post from a friend I went with at Stella Mariz. It’ll let you know exactly what you need to get there. Have fun!

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